Boat name list: 30 name ideas for your boat    

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Every boat or watercraft owner knows very well how important it is to name their boat.

In the case of a new purchase, the choice of name very often takes place even before the boat itself is purchased. However, choosing the right name is not always easy, nor is placing it correctly on the hull.

Nowadays there are state-of-the-art techniques and materials that enhance the potential of the chosen name.

We at BoatsName are an established Italian company that produces. boat lettering , luminous signs and customizable boat mats.

So relying on us helps you to fully enhance your boat by giving it that exclusive touch.

To help you even at the naming stage, we have created a list of boat names.

Boat name list: the 30 names for an exclusive boat

Marine tradition, for reasons of superstition, says that once a boat is named, it cannot be changed.

So, as we have mentioned, the choice must be precise and satisfactory.

Below you will find the list of 30 boat names that BoatsName has created to help you in your boat name search.

We thought of name ideas that reflect the adventurous and dreamy spirit of the boat owners, but also more traditional solutions.

Let’s look at these 30 names in detail:

  1. North Star;
  2. Wild wave;
  3. Yellow moon;
  4. Sea wind;
  5. The wind rose;
  6. Bright sunshine;
  7. Andromeda;
  8. Promised land;
  9. Blue lagoon;
  10. North Wind;
  11. Infinite horizon;
  12. Precious dolphin;
  13. Wave crest;
  14. White sailing ship;
  15. Infinite ocean;
  16. Stormy seas;
  17. Adriatic Love;
  18. Aquatics;
  19. Still ancient;
  20. Lust;
  21. High tide;
  22. Mediterranean;
  23. Flat calm;
  24. Soul of the ocean;
  25. Fisherman of the seas;
  26. Deep lagoon;
  27. Venice;
  28. Bright sunshine;
  29. New tide;
  30. Sea gold.

These 30 names are the result of a search done among the boats on the Italian coast, and we can see some classic names and some more modern ones.

The suggestion we at BoatsName make is to choose a name that is not too long and complicated . This will allow easy radio communication by the Coast Guard in case of an emergency.

If you found the name for your boat in this list, or you already had it in mind but don’t know how and where to best place it, continuing to read this article will remove the last remaining doubts.

Once you have chosen the ideal name, the next step is to place it on your boat and make it stand out with some boat lights customized ones.

Boat name lettering: whyBoatsName is the perfect choice

As mentioned, we at BoatsName are professionals who specialize in boat lettering and more.

We fully understand what boat owners’ needs are, so we take care of every detail because every detail makes the difference between an ordinary boat and an exclusive one.

We are manufacturers of stainless steel boat signs backlit with state-of-the-art LEDs that can be operated either on board or remotely.

Illuminating the name of one’s boating vehicle with an LED boat sign, and seeing it shine in the dark of night is immensely satisfying.

For this reason, we have a line of LED signs with higher light output, waterproof and unmistakable style.

In addition, the crystal resin used to seal the letters allows them to dissipate heat as well as possible, promoting a unique visual effect.

BoatsName led signs not only have a design that sets them apart from other boat signs , but they are also made of special materials. The stainless steel sheets used as thicknesses make the lettering sturdy and resistant to any weather.

To top it off, we at BoatsName offer a line of boat mats durable and flexible mats that can be used on any type of boat.

After looking at the list of boat names and the importance of relying on professionals like us at BoatsName for proper placement of the lettering on the hull, it is time to take a look at our site and begin a customization of your own name.

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