Custom Mats for Boats

Carpet for boat with Sinteak technology: a novelty not to be missed

After many years of research , we have found the alternative to the traditional teak wood boat carpet. The latest technological developments have led to the adoption of the brand new Sinteak boat mat . We are talking about a new resistant , fresh and light product that can also be used on racing boats thanks to its technical characteristics. For those looking for a complete product to install on their boat, which is water resistant and very flexible , the new Sinteak mat is the ideal solution.

Custom boat carpet

Having the ability to customize the boat mat will make your boat unique and inimitable . For this reason in BoatsName we help our customers with a unique and exclusive product. The Sinteak material can be worked and modeled in any shape in order to obtain maximum customization and a work that knows how to be a real added value for your beloved boat.

We also offer a wide range of classic and modern colors for both indoor and outdoor: practically any choice is possible.

Satisfaction guaranteed with the benefits of BoatsName floor mats

Boatsname Boat Carpet is the only synthetic teak that does not age , which makes it very resistant to any environment and weather. Its design is modern and elegant and maintains the visual characteristics of real teak.

It is a non-slip, water and heat resistant, fire retardant, very flexible and above all very light boat mat . It does not require much maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water in an environmentally friendly way.

Boat deck carpet in Boatsname

The Boatsname composition and material make this type of carpet easy to shape into any shape and to place perfectly on the boat deck. At BoatsName we know how important it is to take care of your boat in every aspect, so we design your carpet in detail so that it can adapt to the spaces of your boat, to make even the smallest spaces original and safe . The main feature of our boat deck carpet is the non- slip , but we must also emphasize that it is a water resistant and very light material.

From the project to the installation of your boat carpet: high durability and resistance

The Sinteak boat mat is made to make life easier for sailors and boaters. The most important phase is the design phase, where at BoatsName we take care of all the necessary measurements to produce the carpet just the way you want it . Once produced, installation is quick and allows you to instantly give your boat the custom look of your choice. For more information contact us and discover all the models and colors we offer on BoatsName . Finally you have found the right article for the change of image of your boat: make it unique , exclusive and functional !

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