The Origins of BoatsName

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Azzurria Blu

BoatsName is a brand created by SUPERLUCE srl, a matured Italian Industrial Design Company and now one of Europe’s’ leaders in the illuminated sign market. We have been a service to the most famous brands in the world such as Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Land Rover and many other international names.

Through continuous technological research, significant investment and many years of previous experience we have invented a new lighting system called SX3, registered and patented with the number 0001394108.
The technical features of this product make it unique to the world. The incorporation of LED in a methacrylate vacuum makes the product waterproof and solid, ensuring transparency, functionality and durability. We can create any form without size limits, creating bright objects with a crisp Italian design.
Our technology’s firmness allows our products to be shipped without damage and to remain functional for many years to come. The package includes a installation kit and jig for easy installation.
We pride on the accomplishment of our products and suggest using our custom signage for any of your commercial identifiers.
BoatsName is has been created specifically for the nautical market. Our SX3 technology is applied to illuminated name signs for yachts. Finished with a marine type 316 stainless steel polished face and silicon sealed wires. We also have created stock articles such as diving lamps, wireless speakers, underwater lamps and other nautical accessories.
The resounding success of this product is pushing us to find partners internationally.




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