Luminous Signs for Boats

BoatsName is the only the original on the market

BotsName has created a new type of sign that is not only waterproof and remotely functioning , but also brighter and more energy efficient than ever. Every single element is designed in order to create customized and illuminated products of superior quality.

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Boat Lettering and Signs: BoatsName is the future of lettering

At BoatsName we work every day to make our customers’ boat writings unique and original. We have created a new type of product for all types of inscriptions on your boat that will allow you to make it even more special , totally distinguishing it from the past with modern technology and design .

Our lettering is waterproof , brighter and more energy efficient . All this will allow you to have a personalized name or inscription for the boat with a superior and absolutely unforgettable quality.

Led lights

Incorporated into the base


Between 3 standard models

LED writings for boats in confined spaces

We know well how recognizable a boat sign is, beautiful to look at and of good size, essential both for the aesthetic aspect and built in safety for navigation.

The LED writings for the boats that we offer are stylistically avant-garde and give the boats a modern, personalized and exclusive air. Choosing a LED writing is ideal for giving that extra touch of originality that will make the difference between yours and all other boats.

LED writings for boats

Backlit lettering for boats

Backlit writings for boats with latest generation LEDs

With BoatsName ‘s backlit boat lettering a completely new way to experience the illumination of your boat name is born. Our luminous writings are equipped with a central RBG controller designed to offer direct interaction, both on board and at a distance from the boat: this allows you to choose how to illuminate the LED writing of your boat, even from a distance.

We offer 20 different preset color combinations to give your boat lettering a new look every time.

Lettering in stainless steel for boats

Stainless steel writings for boats

Steel lettering for boats

Perfectly equipped

An easily adaptable boat lettering

The new installation system for LED writings for boats is designed to be perfectly positioned wherever you want. It only takes a few minutes to fit the new boat name easily and perfectly. Thanks to the custom installation, created by BoatsName , the product will apply in a solid and stable way. Wherever you are, you will notice that your illuminated sign will not go unnoticed. You can contact us to choose the model of LED writing for boats that best suits your personality, to make the name of your boat exclusive .

Up to two-year warranty on our entire range

Our two-year warranty will support every type of product .

Our assistance service is ready to solve any kind of problem and will support you in case of accidental damage or in the rare case of malfunctions of your writing for boat; just tell us the name of the order to be able to intervene promptly.

Quality and design

As soon as you receive the new illuminated sign, its stunning finishing technique immediately stands out, featuring rich, vibrant details. The particular crystal resin used to seal each letter allows the heat generated by the LED lights to dissipate, all through an energy system more efficient than ever. The meticulously smoothed signal offers a bold visual experience within an incredibly minimal design.


of Acrylic Crystal

White base

Opalescent or Transparent

AISI 316

Marine Stainless Steel

Stainless steel lettering for boats: an original and customizable design choice

The stainless steel writings for boats are a completely customizable design solution with great durability over time. As soon as the boat name is installed, one immediately notices the splendid finishing technique that BoatsName ‘s steel boat lettering presents.

They are written rich and full of details, well-kept and that stand out. The particular crystal resin used to seal each letter allows the heat generated by the LED lights to dissipate at its best, creating a unique visual effect of its kind.

Choose from 3 design templates

Flush faceplate

A 3 mm thick stainless steel front plate mounted on an opalescent acrylic crystal base.

Recessed faceplate

A 3mm front plate embedded by 3-5mm in an opalescent acrylic crystal base.

Black Step

A 3mm front plate recessed by 3-5mm in a 3mm black acrylic crystal surface mounted on an opalescent acrylic crystal base.

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BoatsName is a brand created by SUPERLUCE srl , an established Italian company of Industrial Design among the European leaders in the market of illuminated signs. We have collaborated with some of the most famous brands in the world such as Ferrari , Maserati , Jaguar , Land Rover and many other international names.

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