Underwater Lights

Phoenix Underwater Lamps

Phoenix underwater


Pure White RGB
Dimension L 395 x W 130 x D 20 mm L 395 x W 130 x D 20 mm
Color 6000-6500 Karat W, WW, R, G, B
LED quantity 2400 lumens 240 lumens
Input voltage DC 12 volts DC 12 volts
Max Power 250 mA 250 mA
Max Power 36 watts 12 watts
driver method Constant voltage circuit Constant voltage circuit
Viewing angle 150 – 180 degree 140 degree
degree of protection IP65 IP65
certification CE and RoHS CE and RoHS
Lifespan 35,000 hours 50,000 hours
mounting method Front mount Front mount
White phoenix lamp
underwater lamps blue and white
RGB Phoenix Lamp


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